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Getting Frustrated

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Little Sister
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Getting Frustrated

Unread postby Little Sister » 01 Jul 2016

I invited my brother over to spend Canada Day with my husband and I today. I made a nice lunch and then we for a walk down at the New Westminster Quay. I thought everything went well and that my brother enjoyed the day. I even gave him a "care package" before he left. I have been doing that lately to help him out with groceries. Anyway, he seemed in good spirits when he left and I was hopeful, however later that evening he called and pretty much insulted me by saying we turned the table on him by getting him to come to our place instead of us going out to his place in White Rock. He also said the meal and the day were okay, but we should have come to his place instead as he can't afford the gas to drive out to our place. I didn't know how to reply, but did not say much as I did not want to get him in a worse state. It's getting really frustrating for my husband and I to help him when all he does is complain and insult us for trying.

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Re: Getting Frustrated

Unread postby AndrewBCSS » 04 Jul 2016

I'd be frustrated too, in your place.

Do you think his irritability is disease related? Has it gotten worse lately? Or was he like this before he became ill?
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