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Newbie Here as Well

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Little Sister
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Newbie Here as Well

Unread postby Little Sister » 29 Jun 2016

This is my first time to post here as well. I am having a real struggle helping my brother( who is schizophrenic) since the loss of our mom in March. She was his sole support for many years and now it seems I am the only one in the family he can turn to for help and support. My brother does not have the social skills needed to make it on his own. He is very lonely. He calls me and my husband daily. We are running out of things to tell him. He does at least have his own place, but is struggling financially to keep it going. My mom also helped him out with funds. Most of my family does not want to get involved and have even moved in order to avoid him. It is really sad. I constantly worry and wonder where on earth I can turn to help him. Any ideas?

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Re: Newbie Here as Well

Unread postby AndrewBCSS » 30 Jun 2016

Hi Little Sister,
I'm going to suggest you contact the family support educators who work for the BC Schizophrenia Society. They will know what kinds of income and other supports are likely to be available to your brother. You want to contact the one that works in the town your brother lives in. http://www.bcss.org/category/branches/ or http://www.bcss.org/contact-us/2014/12/email-us/
You can also call HealthLinkBC at 811 to ask what kinds of supports and programs might be available for people with schizophrenia in the town where your brother lives.

Does anyone else have some experience to share?

Andrew Stewart
Operations Manager
British Columbia Schizophrenia Society
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