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My mother has been certified

Posted: 19 Apr 2015
by nessa
Hello to everyone, I'm really happy to of found this place, though I'm terribly sad for all of the reasons that have brought me here. I've endured over 36 years of horrifying abuse at the hands of my severely mentally ill mother. I have a traumatic brain injury (from being strangled by my mom) and severe PTSD because of all of her twisted and sick abuse. Last week I went to the court house and filled out a form nine, a warrant under the B.c.mental health act, to have my mother taken in and looked at. The judge actually approved it. My mother has been in the hospital since. Yesterday I got the news from my father that my mother has been officially certified (under the B.c. Mental health act). This is really a lot for ME to take in, I'm SO overwhelmed and I feel very alone, though I have NO regrets !. My mother has needed help for many years. My sympathy and bleeding heart only goes so far for her, what about me and all the scars, broken bones and broken hearts I've endured, where's MY sympathy ?. What does her being certified all mean, what happens now and what does the future hold.

Re: My mother has been certified

Posted: 20 Apr 2015
by AndrewBCSS
Hi Nessa,
I'm glad you reached out. Here's a video that explained how involuntary treatment works in BC: ... ealth-law/

This would be a good place to start. I'm glad your mom is getting the help she needs. I hope you are getting help for your own PTSD and grief? Checking out an in-person family support group might be good too: ... -calendar/
Let me know if you need some referrals there.