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What to do when someone you love has an eating disorder

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What to do when someone you love has an eating disorder

Unread postby AndrewBCSS » 22 Feb 2017

"It is not easy to watch your child do damage to their health - especially when the solution appears, at least on the outside, to be simple. Eating disorders are not simple. They are not only about food or weight. So what can you do when you suspect that your child may have an eating disorder? Knowing the first steps to take and how to approach the situation can make a huge difference." - Parents Survive to Thrive Guide.

This month's family newsletter focusses on resources for parents, friends and families of youth with eating disorders. The resources in this newsletter are from BC Children's Hospital and the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre, both high quality sources of information on this topic. .
What are eating disorders?

BC Children's Hospital information on eating disorders.

Parents Survive to Thrive Guide - A resource guide for parents of a child with an eating disorder. Written by parents with lived experience.


Chapter 1: What to do if you’re concerned
Chapter 2: Diagnosis of an eating disorder
Chapter 3: Managing eating disorder behaviours
Chapter 4: Relapse/Maintaining Recovery
Chapter 5: Recovery
Chapter 6: Scenarios and Situations
Chapter 7: Messages of Hope
Audio Recordings

The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre has a lot of resources about eating disorders that may be helpful for families supporting a loved one. They host a monthly forum that brings together experts and persons with lived experience to speak on various topics.
Meal support

This audio recording records three speakers who talk about some strategies that help meal times go more smoothly for youth with eating disorders. The strategies help reduce anxiety and arguments whille helping people complete their meals. (53 minutes including introduction)

  • Tom Bauslaugh, Youth and Family Clinical Resource Educator, Provincial Specialized Eating Disorders Program, BC Children’s Hospital
  • Diana Mogenson, Special Educator, Provincial Specialized Eating Disorders Program, BC Children’s Hospital
  • Person with lived experience of an eating disorder
Supporting a Friend or Loved One with an Eating Disorder

This audio recording of three speakers: one clinician, one person with an eating disorder, and one parent of a child with an eating disorder, will discuss strategies and best practices for supporting a friend or loved one with an eating disorder.

  • Tom Bauslaugh, BC Children's Hospital
  • Person with lived experience
  • Parent with lived experience
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