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How to find Health Services in BC

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How to find Health Services in BC

Unread postby AndrewBCSS » 29 Sep 2016

There is a very useful website and phone service for people looking for medical services in BC, and I thought an explaination would be useful to family members on this board.

Phone service:
The phone service is to call 811 and ask about the service you are interested in. There is even a nurse line where you can talk about symptoms and they can tell you if you need to go to emergency.

The website is hosted by the provincial government and is at www.healthlinkbc.ca
When you go there there are a lot of options. The one I find most useful is a little cumbersome to use, but useful nonetheless. When you go to the website above, click on "find health services". This will seem to not do anything, but there will be a link a little bit down the page to "find health services". (I told you it was cumbersome). Click on that link and you'll come to this page: https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/services-an ... d-services

From there I recommend you put in words that are likely to be in the name or description of the service you are looking for. Some good terms are things like:
psychiatric, intake, supported housing, mental illness, mental health to get you started.

Then (and this is the useful thing) you can select where you need the services to be located (either your city/region or the one where your loved one lives). Health services in BC are organized by location and you or your loved one can normally only get into ones that are located where you live, so this is important. If the regions don't make sense to you, or you live in an urban area and there are a number of towns nearby, I recommend just leaving those blank and filling in the postal code if you know it.

On that same page are some links to other services, including the 310 mental health support line.
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